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Serve the City Sunday 4/29/2018

Sunday | April 29, 2018 | 9:45am

Serving the City Sunday

Come to church in your work clothes (and bring some work gloves). We will sing a few songs together and then spread out in the city to serve on various work projects which should all be finished by 12pm.

•There will be projects for all ages.

•We will have childcare for 0-5 years.


** We're still looking for a couple of weed wackers & hedge trimmers - if you can bring one, let us know!

Packing Sandwiches

for homeless teenagers (Streets Youth Ministry) - all ages can do this project which we will do in the youth center kitchen.

Bike Repair

a few adults and kids can help our resident bike mechanic repair bikes for our local neighborhood. Takes place on the sidewalk between the church and apartments in front of our playground.

Yard Work

for Hill Country Community Ministries (local food pantry & social service center) - we will pull weeds, trim overgrowth, weed whack & mow for this facility less than a mile from our church. All ages can help.


a deck for Hill Country Community Ministries - Older children and adults can help paint 3 decks at their facility that are in bad shape.


an herb garden for Hill Country Community Ministries - All ages can help as we assemble and plant 3 raised beds with herbs.


a nature trail - All ages can help us clean all of the trash on a 1 mile nature trail just north of our church.


trash along our property - All ages can help as we make our neighborhood a little nicer by picking up all of the trash that has accumulated along the street to the west of our building.

Give Manicures

at the Pointe Nursing Home - all ages can help us treat the folks at the Pointe with a little love and care.

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