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Mother Daughter Getaway 4/2018

April 2018

be YOU tiful

Mother Daughter Getaway

()for 5th grade girls

Join us for the 1st Annual 5th grade Mother/Daughter Getaway!!! We are spending the day at a lake house with a guest speaker, fun activities, learning and bonding. This event is for moms and their 5th grade daughters. The event will provide an opportunity for Moms and Daughters to focus on God and one another.

* We will arrive after breakfast at 10 am and spend the day together. * Lunch included. * Cost for each mom and daughter couple is $40

Contact Kristin for more information. 360-481-3238 |

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you see a beautiful girl of grace who God created with love and care? Do you see inward beauty as well as outward attractiveness? Are you critical of yourself? What do you say to the reflection that stares back at you? We live in a world and culture that puts much effort into telling girls (small and tall) what we should think is beautiful. God’s idea of beauty is not defined by the latest trends or who is most popular at school. God created beauty! The beauty of the earth and everything in it (including us) was designed and defined by God. In a culture obsessed with perfection, our sense of self-worth can be battered and tossed day after exhausting day. We were made for more!

Together, let’s discover how to:

  1. Break out of society’s mold of normal and embrace the authentically created girls of grace God designed each of us to be.

  2. Obliterate the enemy’s message of self-doubt and unworthiness, replacing those whispers with God’s Truth—that as His image bearers—we are loved, accepted and affirmed.

Our Speaker: Heather Van Stavern Heather is a gifted communicator who is passionate about obeying the will of God and teaching His word. She and her husband Brad have been married 17 years and have three children: Jade (13), Chance (10), and Dax (8).

A former public high school speech/communication and theatre teacher, Heather currently serves the body of Christ as a lead teacher in Women’s Ministry and lead teacher in Children’s Ministry at Hill Country Bible Church. Over the last 16 years at Hill Country, Heather has been instrumental in several community-focused ministries, including launching a popular community fun run event that connects people who are far from God with the local church and leading a large afterschool club for 5th-grade public school girls to explore and grow in their faith.

Heather will take the truths of the Bible and apply it to your life in a friendly, sincere, "I want to hear more" style. She considers it a privilege to speak into the lives of women, guiding them toward knowing and loving the God who made and adores them.

Heather enjoys spending time with family, traveling, and Mexican food. She, however, can do without olives, creepy-crawling things, and laundry.

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