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Join the Tik Tok Choir

We want to include your family in our Easter TikTok choir!

(Don't worry, you'll be one of many and it's not really going on TikTok.)

We need you to listen to these recordings with me singing This is Amazing Grace and....

1. use your phone to video your family dancing for any 15 seconds (or more) in the song [make sure we can hear the music in your video so we know where your dance goes]

2. use your phone to video your family singing the chorus "This is amazing grace..." [record this while listening to the track in headphones so we can't hear the music in your video, just you singing]

3. send us your video by

***Please submit these by Thursday night (4/9) at the latest so we have time to edit it all together

**You don't have to do both dance and sing, but we would love it if you did! You'll be part of a "choir" which means we won't put your voice out on it's own.

* If you don't know what to do for the dance, YouTube "This is Amazing Grace Dance" and you'll find lots of ideas.

Email Artha with any questions.


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