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at the Core | summer series

At the Core

Summer Teaching Series

June 2 - July 28, 2019

LiveOak Church is shaped by a set of values at the core of our DNA. Join us as we look at who our church is "at the core"...

Jesus changes everything - everything we do, our corporate worship, our service, our relationships is centered on what Jesus has done on the cross - it transforms lives as well as communities

everybody has a "calling" - God actually calls us to be great engineers, teachers, artists, lawyers, managers, moms, clerks, musicians, directors, dads, etc. The goal of being a great Christian is not to become a "pastor" - it’s to figure out and live into the calling God has given you where you are.

authentic living in the burbs - nobody has it all together, we are broken people in a broken world and that is who Jesus came to save

it's about who, not what - what really matters is relationship - our relationship with God is more important than perfect beliefs, and our relationship with each other is more important than our programs

everyday justice - making an impact on the injustices of our world and community through simple, strategic choices

church happens in your neighborhood - being a Christian means being a good neighbor - living out our faith in our community

all truth is God's truth - worshipping God with our hearts and our MINDS - we look for God's truth in all areas of life, the arts, media, and relationships. At the same time, we reject a Christianity with easy answers and look for the truth behind the truth (because there is always a question behind the question).

the story matters - everything about who we are as a church, as families, and as individuals is shaped by the Bible - the story of a God who created everything, offered us relationship and entered into our world to pursue us

joining the family - we are always looking for ways to invite others into our community and into God's story - especially people who would consider themselves, "un-churched" or "de-churched"

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