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Bowers Family Memorial 1/5/18

Ryan Bowers, a father of 5 passed away early on Christmas morning. Our church and community is rallying around Lindsey and the children in this time of need.

Join us for the memorial service:

  • Friday, Jan. 5, 2018

  • 5pm visitation with family

  • 6pm memorial service

  • at LiveOak Church | 1195 Sonny Dr., Leander

There are many ways to help support this family:

1. Tax deductible donation through LiveOak Church. (if you donate through your bank/checking account, the church is only charged .30 per transaction vs. 3% for a credit card transaction). CLICK HERE TO DONATE

The funds donated through this link will first go to help Lindsey with childcare needs. Adventure Kids in Cedar Park has given a generous discount to allow her to maximize the dollars raised. After childcare needs are met, these funds will be used to support the Bowers family with both immediate and long term needs. 2. Care Calendar CLICK HERE ***Food can be personally delivered, delivered by a company of your choosing, or frozen meals can be dropped of at LiveOak-Church (1195 Sonny Drive, Leander 78641). ***coordinate drop off w @Beth Kropf: 512-767-5795. Enter the following information in the appropriate spaces: Calendar ID : 264708 Security code : 6871 3. GoFundMe CLICK HERE 4. Gift Cards ***gift cards can be dropped off LiveOak Church. Contact Beth to coordinate: 512-767-5795

  • HEB gift cards

  • Target gift cards

  • Chick-fil-A gift cards ($30 provides 1 meal for this family of 6)

  • Pizza delivery gift cards

  • Provide Lindsey an opportunity to take her elementary kids out for a night. MovieHouse and Eatery: . Send gift card to this address:

5. Diaper Drive - coming soon! Please stay tuned.

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