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Leading Worship at Home

worshiping in homes on Dec 29

Our Church always designates the Sunday between Christmas and New Years for families to worship together in their homes.  This is a great opportunity to reinforce the value that our faith is not something we only exercise in church.  Here is a very simple outline you can follow for a family worship time this year:

1. Grab a Bible and read Matthew 2:1-12.  

The NIRV is a great version for both kids and adults to understand. Click here.

2. Watch this 5 minute video message from pastor Caz.

3. Ask a couple of questions that are appropriate for the age of your family.

-What happened in this story? (retell it in your own words)

-What did the text actually say? How many magi were there? What did they ride? What were there names? What did they bring? What did they do?

4.  What do the 3 gifts represent?

-myrrh - burial spice, represented that God became fully human & would die on the cross

-frankincense - incense burned by priests in the temple, reminded them he was fully God

-gold - symbol of kings which reminds us that God ultimately rules everything

5. Caz encouraged you and your family to intentionally look for God this year. As a family, list some ways that you can be intentional about growing your relationship with God this year.

5. Have someone pray, thanking God for your family, for your year, and for the blessings that God has given you.  Then, ask God to help you submit all of your ways to Him.

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