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Holy Week at

LiveOak Church


Palm Sunday | April 10th

10:30 am

We will be offering an in-person and online at-home option to worship together. Both options are considered Family services creating opportunities to teach children about Holy Week and Jesus Christ. We will be working through several worship stations walking us through Jesus' journey to the Cross.

At Home Worship
  • We want you to be able to partake in the stations with everyone in-person. To do this, we will be bringing a bag with supplies to your house!


  • You will need to collect a few items from your house. These items include a piece of wood, a marker, a bowl of water to wash hands/feet, a towel to dry hands/feet, and a hammer.

  • Join us on at 10:30 am.

  • We will be moving a camera to each station to help to guide you through each station.

  • Join us for our Good Friday Service @ 7 pm on Friday, April 2.

In-person Worship
  • Register for space online and join us at the church at 10:30 am.

  • We will provide the supplies you need at the church!

  • We will give further instruction about the stations and the flow in person. This process will be covid safe.

  • Join us for our Good Friday Service @ 7 pm on Friday, April 2.

Palm Sunday

Good Friday | April 2nd 

7 pm

All are invited to join us for our Good Friday Service as remember everything Jesus did for all people. This candlelight service will be in-person and online. 

Good Friday
IMG_5781 copy.jpg

Easter Sunday | April 4th

9 am & 11 am

9 am Indoor Service (Online Children's Ministry)​

  • In-person or online streaming

  • Children's Ministry will be ONLINE ONLY. Your children are welcome in service as always! Let them dance sing and make noise. We have bags with coloring sheets for them to use during the service.

  • The nursery will be available.

11 am Outdoor Family Service  

  • In-person only

  • Outdoors to allow for a larger attendance.

  • Bring your own chair! (we will have a few setup but bring your own just in case.)

  • Family-friendly all children will be welcome and the service length will be shorter 

  • NO Nursery is available. This allows our nursery workers to worship and celebrate Easter as well! This is a family-friendly service noisy children are a great reminder of God's presents around us! 

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